Website Leasing

A new way to finance the design and development of your website. Leasing a website is very similar to paying a monthly subscription fee. Instead of paying a lump sum for your website up front, you pay a much lower monthly fee for a total of 12 months. At the end of your lease term, the website will become your asset to do with as you wish, or you can engage in additional improvements with a new lease agreement.

What are the benefits?

  • Leasing maintains a relationship with Simpli Websites, allowing your site to stay fresh and up to date with continuous support built into the arrangement. Websites can very easily become stale without professional support. A leased website means you will have a constant support system in place to help you as your online business grows
  • Leasing allows for planned cash flow, avoiding massive up-front fees
  • Leasing makes changes to specification easier to navigate

Consider leasing your new website! Website leasing is very similar to car or real estate leasing. Instead of paying a lump sum for your project up front, the price of your project is amortized over a defined time period. Combined with an ongoing maintenance contract, all of the hassle of running your own website, server and keeping it all up to date is passed onto the agency allowing you to focus on running your business!

Plans & Pricing